ART BLOCKS is about artist space development. 

F.99 has been building an ever-evolving framework to identify strategies that strive towards establishing artist owned and operated spaces within communities local and abroad.

ART BLOCKS is an art-driven community based initiative to help artists of all types own and operate the spaces in which they dwell. This initiative works on a sustainable model where 99 artist blocks are organized in communities local and abroad. Each block raises its own finances with our help and F.99 connects each block to architects, property developers and organizations to support the development of each space.

ART BLOCKS focuses on five strategic goals:


  • Create self-sustaining groups of 99 artist blocks in communities local and abroad

  • Provide grass-roots support and essential resources to help the build-out of every property 

  • Improve conditions for artists of all disciplines to enable their creative work

  • Contribute to the community life, create access to live/work spaces and network development

  • Maintaining a decentralized process, that has no hierarchy where all artists in a block MUST commit for up to a certain period created by the block itself via contractual agreements established during block development


F.99 invites artists of all types to join our initiative which is part of a broader effort to increase the supply of affordable art spaces and helping to revitalize the communities that surround them. If artists own their units, their mortgage payments fixed, this will shield them from most serious effects of rising prices. So as long as artists can afford the initial cost of ownership, their units remain affordable over the long term, this is our fundamental system –– ownership and property operation. This initiative is further based on creating an international network of artist owned spaces that can help one another create economic opportunities, identify new ideas, share lessons learned, and work together to develop new solutions to perplexing problems.

We welcome reactions to this initiative, especially from artists interested in starting or joining a block, please email info@F-99.org with your comment or suggestions. F.99 is always open to listening and learning new ways we can assist in meeting the needs of Artists and neighborhoods. Your ideas are important and if you've successfully ran an artist space, get in touch with us for opportunties to help F.99 strategize creating spaces owned by artists.


In the context of community revitalization, we are motivated by the drive of artists, collaboration, the power of community, and ownership.

Join in the creation of artist owned spaces occupied by Artists while preserving YOUR community block.

Stay tuned for the first #ARTBLOCKS event which is TBA and a follow up email after signing up about next steps.

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