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Shifting the art world from being about money to being about impact. 

F.99 (FREE.99) - an independent art-driven research group expanding art's impact on humanity by any medium necessary with a platform for art & social good. Operating as a global shared space to empower artists, charities, curators, art collectors and art lovers engaged in contemporary issues. Through impact initiatives, exhibitions, fine art auction fundraising (FAAF), certification of authenticity (COA) as a service, community research, visual data map and charity directory.


With over 800+ artists in our network from different countries across the globe and partners such as the United Nations, the African Union, Google Arts and Culture who believe in our vision and see the cultural production of artworks that tell a story support communities on a local + global level creating what we call a "glo-cal" perspective on providing different viewpoints on the most pressing issues we’re facing today.

Our Raison D'être 

To change the art world from being primarily about money to focusing on impact. Creating a purposeful ecosystem that enables meaningful connections between artists exploring new forms of “social practice” and non-profit organizations in search of a new "funding source". Bridging the gap between art sales and social good, connecting art lovers with the art they love while making a sustainable impact on individuals and communities.

Our Vision

To serve artists with a clear social and cultural commitment to creating real transformation in the lives of so many and raising awareness of the most pressing issues confronting humanity. 


For art always speaks louder than words. 



FREE.99 is conceptualized and greatness ensues...

F.99 stands for FREE.99, which originally is street terminology for something that is of value but given for free. GG took this word out of the street and gave it a philosophical meaning. A meaning that now exists as the cost for freedom of expression.

April 2020



F.99 is founded by Gilléad-Gaari Mziray (GG) and relaunched as an art-driven research organization with a focus on art's impact on humanity.

F.99 pushed the button on an ancient cheat code. Global Reset Campaign (@globalresetcampaign) - a campaign to help reset the global state of humanity by taking a collective deep breath at the same time.


The result was COVID-19 but spiritually achievable.

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July 2020

F.99 partnered with the United Nations for their 75th anniversary alongside IKONO SPACE and began 'Global Conversation’ a humanity-focused art exhibition series to raise global awareness of the most pressing issues confronting humanity. The exhibition was meant to be at the United Nations HQ in New York but due to COVID-19 it was delivered through a custom-built UN Virtual Museum.


September 2020

Official Global Conversation.png

We Opened the 1st round edition of 'Global Conversation’ with 850+ people joining from all parts of the world. 350+ artists submitted artwork, totaling more than 1700 artwork submissions. The final exhibition had ONLY 99 artworks from 50 emerging, professional and leading artists.

October 2020

We launched the 2nd round art call for 'Global Conversation’ with special guest curator Deirdre Darden and partnered with Google Arts & Culture to reach wider audiences and further contextualize our "Global Conversation'' series exhibition with the United Nations, this online exhibit premiered live on GA&C Oct. 24th.

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December 2020

F.99 opened the 2nd round edition of 'Global Conversation’ with 1500 people joining us virtually from all over the world and we managed to gain over 2000+ artworks from 465 artists worldwide. 99 artworks exhibited.

February 2021

We launched the 2nd round edition of 'Global Conversation’ on Google Art & Culture to be further contextualized by a series of texts penned by Chief Curator Gilléad-Gaari Mziray.


March 2021

We opened the first edition of 'Crypto is(n't) Eco' exhibition featuring artist Andrea Plaza Carrasco (Anplac) to help close the gap between wealth and nature, forcing us to rethink the value of money, better understand the benefits of using blockchain technology for ecological purposes and motivate viewers to think about the impact of our actions on society, the economy and the environment.


May 2021

The Crypto is(n't) Eco exhibition goes live on Google Arts & Culture with machine learning and digital ecosystems sensei, Dimitri de Jonghe (Co-Founder of Keyko Dōjō) through a guided auditory interview with artist Andrea Plaza Carrasco.


September 2021

F.99 opened conversations and had meetings with companies such as Mintable, Enjin, Polygon, Parity, Bondly and CoreLedger to better understand NFTs and we created our own Crypto-NFT HardWallet, visit our shop page to receive a special limited edition off on our first 1000 pre-orders campaign.


February 2022

SANKOFA began as an idea created in partnership between F.99 and the African Union to celebrate Black History Month to help unite the continent of Africa with all people of African descent in the diaspora through ART and CONVERSATION.

The winning artists Khalid Thompson, Sakumzi Nyendwana, Kiyungi Fundikira, Chidozie Martins and Hana "Moonit" Tesfaye were awarded a certificate of recognition by the African Union Amb. H.E Hilda Suka-Mafudze who presented the winners at the African Union Black History Month Celebration in Washington D.C. Feb. 26th, 2022.


July 2022

We started our Impact Initiative, working with Global Giving to introduce our new platform for artists, collectors, curators and charities.


This initiative will be in service to humanity and make an impact towards social, political, economical and environmental issues around the world. 


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